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Anonymous asked: What it would be like to be platonic roommates with the boys?



I’m going to post Lashton tonight and I’ll add Calum and Michael tomorrow. 


Having a musician for a roommate was both a gift and a curse, a curse because jealous fangirls would make it out like the two of you are a thing and you would find yourself in the magazines that had his face on the cover. “Listen to this: Is Luke Hemmings roommate more than just a roommate? Her closest friends tell all!” You exclaimed as you tossed him the magazine, the two of you were just chilling on the couch with your feet on his legs. You heard him chuckle “Their neighbors tell us exclusively that the sex is so loud that it takes not only earplugs but earmuffs to drown out her screams, this is gold, if only they knew you were screaming because I nearly burnt the place down” Luke responded with a smirk. Living with Luke was a joy, always. He never failed to make you smile and he enjoyed doing the housework with you. The two of you would have movie nights and cook offs when you watch too much of the Food Network or the Cooking Channel. He would leave little messages around the house when he’s on tour because he knows how much you enjoy his company and you’d give him a mixtape for him to sync on his ipod with the tours title on it so he can smile and remember the drunken karaoke nights the two of you have. Luke would be like that little brother or older brother God forgot to give you.


You groaned as you got up, the drumming getting louder within each step, the hangover from last nights party was evident as you made your way to his room. “Ashton! How the hell can you drum with a clear head?” you would yell as you continually knocked on the door, only to hit the chest of your roommate as he chuckled at your reaction when your fist met his chest. “Babe when you’re on tour for a whole year or two you’ll understand” he muttered as he pulled your hand towards the kitchen. “So princess, whatcha want for breakfast?” he would ask as you began to make the coffee. “Waffles with chocolate chips please chef Irwin” you would ask as the two of you giggled. Having Ashton as a roommate was one of the best ideas you’ve ever had. He loved to cook and learn new things while you were slowly coming out of your shell, Ashton was a partier so you two always threw parties when you could (always when he was home) and when he was away you were back in your comfort zone; the two of you balanced one another out. 

But Mikey’s just so happy +

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🎶If what we had was real, how could you be fine?
‘Cause I’m not fine at all🎶 #5sos #Amnesia (at IHeart Radio Music Festival Village!!!)


5sos being 5sos at the iHeartradio Festival

I have no idea what’s going on here tbh x

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