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It’s the “Column” interview haha

Skip to 1.21 for where he starts actually talking to the boys :)


There you go. Scream free. Reblog so people won’t have the bad version in their phones :)

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A: This band is being complete assholes and they sound semi full of themselves. *sorry but it’s kinda true*
B: No offence to anybody but who are they. I have never heard of them, maybe I just haven’t paid attention.
C: I’m starting to like this sassy Ashton. 🙈

Preference #13: He Wakes You Up Because He's Sick →


Ashton: You were just about to fall asleep, when you felt the bed move. Sitting up and turning the light on, you see Ashton running to the bathroom, closing the door behind him. You walk to the door and knock. “Ash? Are you okay?” You ask. “No…” He weakly replies. You open the door and grab his…

5SOS Preference - You have a bad day at school →


Requested- Yes

C A L U M :

The minute you slammed the door shut and collapsed down onto the couch with a sigh, he knew something was wrong. “Hey babe,” he said softly, settling himself down next to you and massaging your shoulders gently. “Rough day?” You nodded and cuddled into his side,…

'YouTuber Make-Up Challenge'


requested by anonymous

summary: you wanted to film a video for your YouTube channel and you’d already done their make-up

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