Why? : Luke Hemmings Imagine

You sit on your couch waiting for you boyfriend Luke to come home. He has been gone for 4 months on tour with One Direction. They all got the month of May off so he decided to come back to Sydney to see you again. You guys talked on the phone every single day and night. He has been your boy friend for 3 years and you missed him so much. You were watching The Notebook waiting for Luke to come through that door. Ring Ring you here your phone go off. “Hello?” you ask because it was a Unknown number. “Is this (Y/N)?” a very sad yet professional sounding voice asked. “Yeah. May I ask who’s calling?” you ask the voice. “This is Sydney Community Hospital. Luke Hemmings was found in a flipped car on high way 3. We found his phone and your number was starred so we called you first.” You were shocked. You could feel the phone slipping out of your hand. It crashed to the ground and almost instantly you grab your keys and run strait to your car and drive to the hospital. You race to the hospital and just pull up to the front not even parking the car you just jump out and sprint through the doors. You run to the front desk. “What room is Luke Hemmings staying in?” you say through your tears. The ladies face dropped and instantly filled with a sympathetic look. “54” she says. You run down the hall way till you found the room. “Are you here for Luke Hemmings?” a voice asks from behind you. You turn around to see a man in a nurse’s outfit. All you do is nod. He walks over to the door and slowly opens it. You both walk in. “We found him in a smashed, upside down car. We instantly brought him here. We revived him for just enough time to say ‘Tell (Y/N) I love her.’ Then I’m sorry to say but he passed.” The doctor finishes. By this time you were grabbing his cold hands and crying and pleading with the heavens that they bring him back. “WHY????” you yell. The warm and loving feeling had been replaced with a cold and lifeless feeling. I miss him already. “I Love you Luke Hemmings.” You say and lay down next to him on the hospital bed.